Hi everyone! Welcome to the XDFX Studios blog! We're excited to be adding this new feature to our newly remodelled website. This will be a fun new adventure, and we hope you all enjoy!

The new website was inspired by our new logo, courtesy of Beryl Chapay. She is an amazing designer, and we couldn't be more thankful to her for helping us out with that. Looking at this fun new logo, we couldn't just put it up on the old site--so we made a new one! And it's not just a new website, Ryan decided it would be an awesome idea to build a custom CMS from scratch! All I wanted was a new website, what does he do?! It's pretty great, though, I must admit.

The new site focuses more on our services, gives us a place to showcase all the projects we work on, and it's much more user-friendly. We developed the site using Semantic UI for the front end layout and Laravel for the backend which, through a custom cms we created, gives us the ability to update anything quickly. We'd love to hear everyone's opinions on it, feel free to send us a message using our contact form.

The most exciting part about the new website, however is the new blog! We really want to be able to share all of the fun motion graphics techniques we are learning as we grow. Some of you may already know the techniques we cover, or maybe you know a better or faster way to accomplish the same task, (or maybe we spelled something wrong) and we'd love to hear from you! We thrive on community, we love the idea of people helping people.

So keep your eyes pealed, we will be posting a tutorial about how to cover an object in real glitter in Cinema4D (not just a bump map)!