Hey everyone, we just released our first tutorial, this one's about creating glitter in Cinema4D.

In this tutorial I'll showcase two different methods for creating glitter in Cinema4D. One method uses a texture, noise and normal map, while another more advanced method (the majority of the tutorial) will actually have you covering your object with tiny mirrored flakes which gives a very realistic, controllable and quick to render effect.

Throughout the tutorial I'll cover the "flakes" technique in detail, which we discovered while developing the Vegas Season Logo Bumper, this technique allowed us to create a controllable glitter like effect across the front of the text while still maintaining a usable view port speed. I'll also show how this method can be used on a wide variety of objects and across entire scenes without much issue. At the end of the tutorial I'll go over a few alternate uses for this method and show off a few animations of the effect so you can see it in motion in different scenarios.

00:00 - Glitter Technique
First I'll go over the different methods we tried to get this glitter look and why they didn't work out, then I'll cover the final solution we arrived at in detail.

10:28 - Texture vs Polygon
In this section I'll go over why we're covering the object with polygons instead of using a texture. I'll also cover the other way of making glitter, with a texture, normal map and noise, this other method is useful in a lot of scenarios as well.

16:06 - Mo-Text
This section shows how to prepare mo-text for this effect and one major issue, it also shows how you can still use selection tags to color specific parts of the object while the glitter effect is enabled.

24:17 - Glitter Examples
This section goes over a few different scenes where we used this glitter effect across the entire scene, showcasing view port speed while utilizing the effect and some of the possibilities.

28:14 - Animated Glitter Example
This section shows the technique being used on an animated model, just to show another way it can be used and the speed of the technique.

34:30 - Final Renders
The final section is a series of animations showing the glitter effect in different scenarios.

We plan on releasing more tutorials, so we'd really like to hear everyone's feedback about any part of the video that could be improved or what parts of the video you liked the most. We especially want to hear if you know a better way to do some of these techniques so it could be covered in a future tutorial. Thanks! XD