Lucky for Life: Lucky Moments Commercial

We were approched by Big Picture Studios to supervise on set and create visual effects for a commercial for the Connecticut Lottery Corporation.

We also animated the initial storyboard to help secure the job.

The concept for this spot was that the characters all happened to come across some lucky items during their day that mark the moment their lives get a little luckier. Their Lucky for Life lottery ticket and the lucky item they found that day both glow with magical dust throughout the spot. Using Particular in After effects, we added some fun sparkling particles to each of these lucky items.

We also modeled a realistic horseshoe in Cinema4D that had to transition from a Lucky for Life logo on a ticket to falling into a woman's bicycle basket.

Finally, we utilized Cinema4D to model a 3D version of the Lucky for Life logo falling into a bed of glitter controlled via. X-Particles. This glitter would then explode into the air and fall down all throughout the scene. All compositing was done in After Effects and all 3D rendering was done with Thea Renderer.


We did: VFX Supervisors, Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animation, Rendering, Rotoscoping, Compositing

  • Client: Connecticut Lottery Corporation
  • Agency: SMZ
  • Production Company: Big Picture Studios