Henderson Hyundai: Commercials

Big Picture Studios came to us with a series of commercials for Henderson Hyundai that were in need of some fun graphics.

First, they needed a 3D model of a large stamp that would leave behind a "DONE" graphic on the screen. The stamp was modeled and animated in Cinema 4D.

For another spot, they needed some silver, reflective 3D text to be animated over the top of a stock asset of doors closing and opening again. The text was modeled in Cinema 4D and animated over the top of the stock asset in After Effects.

Most recently, they requested a 3D prize wheel spinning behind some text that displayed the prizes a person could win. They also requested to have money rain down around the prize wheel. The prize wheel, gold text, and raining money was modeled in Cinema4D, the money utilized X-Particles.


We did: 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering

  • Client: Henderson Hyundai
  • Production Company: Big Picture Studios