R&R Partners: VoltRRon

R&R Partners was holding it's annual convention at Red Rock Hotel and Casino for it's 300+ employees. We were tasked with creating an animated video and promotional item for the goodie bags being handed out. The video and item were based on the conference's mascot, VoltRRon, a robot representing each of the R&R offices.

We utilized Cinema4D to model, texture, light and animate the VoltRRon robot in 3D. Then worked with After Effects to create an animated promotional video for the event.

As for the item for the goodie bag, we decided to 3D print an articulating VoltRRon robot key chain. To do this we worked with one of the best 3D sculpting companies, Sculpteo. They worked with us to quickly price, print and deliver 300+ adorable 3D robots -- written about here on 3D Prints of the World and the Sculpteo blog. At the event, we encouraged all the employees to color their robots with provided markers and to post the photos on Instagram, below are the results!





We did: Video Production, 3D Printing, Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, Animation, Rendering, Compositing

  • Agency: R&R Partners